Work In Progress

Gilded Mandala with a Cheetah
Mandala painting with Cheetah
mandala with foxes
Copper Mandala painting

Here is a sneak peek to share my newest works and ideas with you. I am so excited to show you a new concept that I am exploring, in which I translate my ideas and narratives into a "mandala" format, using geometric shapes and structures. The theme remains the same and will fit with my previous themes such as: connection to ourselves and others; transformation, and our journey of self-discovery.

A mandala means 'circle' in Sanskrit and is a geometric configuration of symbols. It originates from Asia.

A mandala generally represents the spiritual journey, starting from outside to the inner core, through layers.

Carl Jung used the word mandala to describe the circular drawings he and his patients created. He studied mandalas extensively, finding symbolic meaning in them that are connected to the patient`s spiritual state and the evolution of the self. 

For me personally, mandalas represent one`s universe, the world how we experience it. The structure and repetition gives a sense of security, and it has the potential to restore order during turbulent times. It brings peace, harmony and balance to a home.

 The repetitions of symbols also represent that in nature everything happens in cycles. Similarly, humans have behaviour patterns, and structure to their mindset. This is not to say that we cannot break out from our habits...of course..when we change the structure we can change the oucome (e.g : behaviour), and instead of going around in circles hopefully we can pogress along a spiral..not coming back to the same place, but a higher level. But let`s leave this conversation for another time :).

I am sticking to nature themes, as I believe connecting to nature is one of the greatest tools to connect to our real self...and so, you can always expect symbolic meaning behind my chosen animals.


PROCESS: This time,I applied the gold leaf first on a primed and sealed wooden board. Then after sealing the gold leaf, I started the painting process. Then I cut out small that I can try to put them in different places, to see what works best with the composition. My aim is to create balance with these paintings.

In the lasts few pictures, as you can see I am exploring copper leaves, after using only gold for a long time. I very excited about returning to copper after so many years! 

Copper Mandalas