Since early childhood I spent much time drawing and working with clay in my mother'`s ceramic workroom in my hometown in Hungary. My passion for drawing encouraged me to specialise in Art and Drawing in High School, followed by 2 years in a college specialising in metal work, jewellery and enamel work.

Interestingly, I then completely turned away from art but whatever profession I delved in the coming years be it the Fitness industry or Hypnotherapy; I always allowed my creativity to express itself.

It was only a few years ago when I started to invest more time in art again that I realised even these years without art had a positive effect and helped me see things differently and create in a different way.

My love for sports and movement inspires my use of big strokes and dynamic hand movements whilst my interest in Hypnotherapy shows through my subject choice, the messages conveyed and my representational style.​

Artist statement

I believe that by connecting with nature we can connect to our roots, our deepest parts, our true selves. Passing the superficial, logical and rational conscious mind, we are able to reach down to our Unconscious mind where we are able to find the answers to our questions, find our balance and harmony.


In my art I explore the relationship between mankind and nature throughout the different centuries. Some of my work is inspired by the meanings that various tribes and civilisations attributed to certain animals, exposing their symbolic messages which can lead us to question ourselves in new ways and find hidden resources within ourselves. My ultimate aim with my art is to create balance, harmony and positive transformation. 

Visiting the extremes, spontaneous and planned, concrete and abstract, using a mixture of random, organic lines and carefully detailed deliberate shapes I am aiming for an aesthetically pleasing balance that will satisfy both the conscious and the unconscious mind.

I mostly use acrylics on canvas with different gels and mediums for extra texture. I love having texture on my paintings, as it reminds me that we have many layers to our personalities and we are evolving through different stages of human development as we progress through life. I feel that using texture brings a painting to life giving multiple layers and progressive stages to it.