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Have you ever been through a really difficult, dark time? When you perhaps felt that you are not the same person anymore, you didn`t enjoy the things you used to enjoy....and suddenly you found yourself loosing motivation, energy, happiness and even confidence. Going through a CRISIS can be a very confusing time as most of the time we are not sure what is happening and why we are not content anymore with the things that made us happy before. It can feel like you are losing parts of yourself in the process and sometimes our relationships will crumble as a result too. 

As we are going through different lifestages, it`s inevitable that we will go through these develpmental crises, as we have to leave certain things behind that doesn`t work anymore, and find inner RESOURCES within that can support us better in the next life stage. This can come with a lot of pain, months or even years of suffering when we don`t know what we are going through. But no matter how long it lasts, knowing that everybody on the planet will/did go through this, can help us not to feel alone or feel that something is wrong with us. Knowing that this is a natural part of life, a natural part of GROWTH, will ease the pain. Part of the HEALING process is to turn within, listen and to start being true to ourselves. 


Becoming sincere about how we feel, what we want, what makes us happy will help us to take off the mask we have been wearing, get rid of the personality traits that are no longer a good fit for our current consciousness level...and evolve further on our path. This is the process of REBIRTH. Transformation, that everyone will experience at some point...sooner or later, or already did.


This series was inspired by my healing after going through my crisis. While listening to my unconscious mind, my intuition, during the healing process, I was getting the "nudge" to paint some peacocks. First my conscious, logical mind didn`t want to accept it. However when I did some research, it turned out the symbolic meaning behind peacocks are transformation, rebirth, integrity and beauty... 

Interestingly these intuitive visions and nudges always carry important messages about the stage we are at in our healing...and can inform us of our next steps and the right direction. 

What emotions, thougths come up as you look through these paintings? Can you relate to some of these titles as you remember back to your healing process? How did YOU experience transformation?


   Awaken Your Colours     


Mixed media

 Acrylic and gold leaf on wooden board

    80 x 60 cm  



  Your Dazzling Self     


Mixed media

 Acrylic with gold & genuine silver leaf on wooden board

    60 x 50 cm 


Peacock painting.jpg

 Your Thousand Colours 


Mixed media

 Acrylic and gold leaf on wooden board

    50 x 60 cm  






Mixed media

 Acrylic with gold and silver leaf on

wooden board

    50 x 50 cm  

  Unfinished..but possible to reserve


Peacock paintings
Peacock Art
Peacock Art
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