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Welcome to my art site!

I am so happy that you decided to visit my site and spend some of your precious time with me! Let me show you what I am currently working on. I decided to explore gold leaf as a medium in my next series of paintings! Big decision and commitment :). I am fascinated by the reflection of the gold leaf on the artworks and I love how the paintings change during the day according to the incoming daylight and sun! How exciting:)

I started with some small a paintings just as a warm up, and soon I will work on medium and bigger pieces as well...can`t wait!

This is an A4 size canvas board using acrylics and gold leaf. As usual I used a decent amount of texture, because I am addicted to it :).

You might ask..but why squirrels??

Ok, I promise, I will introduce you to my inspiration next time!:) For now, I can only say,

I love nature and living in a hectic, busy city environment encourages me to nurture my connection with it. Sometimes we forget about this precious connection resulting in feeling drained, stressed or even physically ill. It`s important to stop the rushing every day to

connect and to appreciate the natural environment. However I still wouldn`t call myself a wildlife artist. My paintings have symbolic meanings, it`s never just about the beauty of nature.

Hope to see you soon! I will keep you updated

about the progression of this mini series.

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